Thursday, August 20, 2009

A serious proposition for the President

I have a challenge for President Obama. If he's going to keep pushing for healthcare reform that's more about government intervention and control than effectiveness and efficiency, then I want him to do me a solid. 

Barack Obama's net worth is estimated at being a little over $7 million. I'd like to see him invest about $1 million directly into the general healthcare fund that will be used to fund the reforms he is hawking. If he is so sure of the new way of doing things I'd like him to invest money in it. I'd also love to see him and his family make do with the public option for the next four years. 

You see, in my opinion, if someone is advocating something they should be the first to finance it and sign up for it. How is this any different than what liberals ramble on and on about when it comes to a progressive tax code? Among other nonsensical reasonings they pull out of 8th grade civics textbooks, they claim that the wealthy are wealthy because of the freedoms we have so they have a moral obligation to pay more into the system than do people earning far less. How is it any less preposterous for me to wish that Obama be the first to put his money in the government managed pot and the first to sign up for mandated government healthcare? It's not. 

Besides, if the system is as efficient as he says it is it might make him some serious cash. The investment would turn him into a venture capitalist, just like Al Gore. Al Gore's venture capitalist firm is invested heavily in carbon credits. I mean, if there's a crisis (healthcare or climate), why shouldn't the people perpetuating how dangerous the situation is stand to profit greatly from it? This is America after all...