Saturday, August 16, 2008

The importance of starting early.

This is a political blog, but I find that peoples' security is just as important as my whining about a certain Marxist Democratic candidate and a certain wimpy Republican candidate. I intend to show that you can retire in comfort without the help of Mother Government.

This is a spreadsheet about how much a Roth IRA can make you if you set it up correctly and have the self-control to actually save your money instead of blow it on stupid things.


This spreadsheet doesn't take into account that at age 50 you are able to save $1000 more per year than people below the age of 50. I was trying to make the scenario fairly conservative in its expectations. It als0 doesn't include other such investments that you'll undoubtedly make such as non-sheltered stocks and mutual funds and you're house's equity. It's also is very conservative in that normally a person around 50 years of age will be able to pay much more than $1500 into investments every month.

I know my pushiness about all things finance gets old, but if you want to retire in style (or at least moderate comfort) you'll need to start early and be diligent.